As a member benefit, PLIDA has a closed forum on Facebook, which allows for secure and immediate access to PLIDA members and experts; 24/7. This group is closed, only available for access by active PLIDA members, and provides a forum style resource for members to ask for support, educational resources, a specific question, or to find out about upcoming events.

PLIDA Forum Guidelines
This forum was created so those supporting families in the perinatal bereavement care field have a place to network, ask questions and share ideas and resources. In order to keep the PLIDA message boards a vibrant and interactive site, please read and abide by the following guidelines:

- Treat others openly and honestly.

- Leave your title and credentials at the door.

- All members are expected to be courteous and respectful. No profanity, racial slurs, name calling, culturally insensitive language or drama will be tolerated.

- Only supportive messages will be allowed. Posts that are critical, overly negative or potentially hurtful will be removed.

- If you think a person or post has violated these guidelines in any way, please report this to an administrator or moderator.

- Value "diverse perspectives" while being able to disagree.

- The subjects discussed in our forum are confidential. Please do not share outside of PLIDA or its forum without permission of the author.

- Political topics may arise in relation to legislative issues, and such discussions are allowed. However, posts that are overly political as well as those that are hostile and argumentative will be removed.

- This forum is not to be used to advertise your personal business and/or items for sale, solicit donations, or link to crowd funding pages. Such posts will be removed immediately.

- If you wish to share a negative experience please do so without mentioning names of health care providers, healthcare facilities or organizations.

- PLIDA reserves the right to remove or block posts or members.

- Please do not post job listings. This is primarily a place for questions and support.

- This board is to be used only for posts related to pregnancy and infant loss. Off topic posts will be deleted. 

- If you are conducting research, please contact an administrator for approval before posting. More information may be requested.

- Any violation of these guidelines can result in suspension or removal from the group.

**Thoughts and opinions posted in this forum are those of the individual and not necessarily representing endorsement from PLIDA**