We invite you to support PLIDA and work in partnership with us in our mission. As a member of PLIDA, you have the opportunity to be part of our network of health professionals and parent advocates who are making a difference in the lives of bereaved families around the globe.

There are many benefits to joining PLIDA (see below), including keeping you informed, offering education and providing networking opportunities that support your ability to work with and advocate for bereaved families.

WHY JOIN PLIDA? All PLIDA Members receive

PLIDA membership is open to professionals and parent advocates who align themselves with PLIDA's mission.

What does it cost to join PLIDA? JOIN NOW!

  • Membership is only $120/US for a 2-year membership.
  • Discounts (cost is $90) are available to seniors (65 and older; photocopy of Driver’s License) with documentation and must be sent with payment. Documentation will be destroyed after review. For any additional questions, please contact [email protected].