The Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance’s Education Committee in collaboration with the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee presented the webinar series, “Connecting Through Distance and Diversity,” the series reflects the theme of ‘Expanding Our Reach: Addressing Emerging Issues in Perinatal Bereavement’.

The 2021-22 PLIDA Perinatal Bereavement Webinar Series allowed stakeholders an opportunity to explore new and developing issues in perinatal bereavement; such as racial and cultural disparities, subsequent pregnancy following loss, and how to support grieving patients during a time of visitor restrictions.

Webinar Series Objectives

- Explore ways of increasing inclusivity in perinatal bereavement care to families. 
 -Explore ways of increasing inclusivity/diversity among health care provider teams.
- Examine the unique challenges and sensitivities surrounding pregnancy after a loss.
- Discuss ways of translating research findings into clinical practice. 
- Provide opportunities for relationship building among parent advocates, educators, clinical care providers, and researchers. 
- Review the effectiveness of various subgroup models. 
- Describe principles and practice of self-care.



Next webinar:
July 28, 2022 
Invisible Grief: Pregnancy Loss in Trans and Gender Expansive People (Tavi Hawn, LCSW-C)
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Webinar Series Recordings

July 22, 2021Pregnancy After a LossJoey Miller, MSW, LCSW - Click to view.

August 19, 2021Perinatal Bereavement: Providing Holistic CareJessica Sember, MSN, RN, IBCLC, CPLC, CCE, SBD - Click to view.

September 16, 2021Insights into the Intimacy of Loss and How Professional Care and Compassion Can Offer Parents a Light in the Darkness of Loss: Alanna Knobben - Click to view.

October 14, 2021Promoting Perinatal Loss Healing through Group Participation: Understanding Different Support Group Modalities Across the SpectrumNancy Berlow, LCSW and Sara Vasiliou, MSW-LP - Click to view.

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